Asphalt 7: Heat Latest V1.1.2h Mod APK (Unlimited Money + Unlocked)

Asphalt 7: heat mod apk is with unlimited money. This latest version with all cars unlocked will make you fan. I’m assure, you will be a hard supporter after playing it. Download it and enjoy mod features.

The 7th edition of Asphalt Series was released in 2012. The game is with 15 cities and career or multiplayer mode are the features those pull all the high speed lovers. In this game, you can customize the weather outside. This feature is just pro to make your mod good. You can polish your virtual driving skills and be amateur to pro in a few days.

Asphalt 7 apk is one of the best sequel of Asphalt series. You have to unlock all the 13 cups to master the game. Among these cups, the most famous are;

  • Drift
  • Normal
  • Elimination
  • Beat’em
  • Paint job
  • King of hills

In all these modes, you need to earn money, tokens, and stars to unlock the next. These features also help to buy “nitro – a currency to speed-up”. This nitro can be on the racing track or at the winning post – the finish line.

However, apply nitro when there a need to. for this, review the guide in Asphalt Nitro APK, where there are tips to use Nitro.

Game Requirements

Gameloft has developed this game for android users with acceptable for all the updated versions. However, there are some specific requirements like;

Recommended CPU for Asphalt71 GHz CPU
Recommended RAM for Asphalt7512 MB RAM
Recommended Mobile for Asphalt7Android 4.0 or Plus
Recommended GPU for Asphalt7Adreno 205 GPU, equivalent or better
Recommended Storage for Asphalt71.2 GB storage space For optimal performance,

Gameplay of Asphalt 7

The gameplay of this version of Asphalt is quite interesting and interactive. We are presenting here all the information you need to know.

For Complete Gameplay of Asphalt 7, watch this video

Cars in the Fleet

You need to be more concerned to select a car than selecting a driver. You have holds to drive the car, those visuals drivers are just to represent you. While the cars with features like; highest speed, acceleration, damaged level, braking controls, ranking level, etc, all decide the fate of the upcoming race.

Most of the games of Asphalt Series by Gameloft, like; Asphalt Nitro, Asphalt 8, Asphalt 9, etc have the same list of cars.

Available Drivers

While you have landed on the game page, you will see a screen to select drivers. There are 4 drivers;

Driver Asphalt 7- Michelle Chassis

Michelle Chassis

Asphaalt7 Driver - Kimi


Driver of Asphalt7 - Alonsa


Drive through Top 15 Cities

These friends are for you to take a ride on the shiny roads of world famous 15 cities. These cities are;

  • Paris
  • Miami
  • London
  • Hawaii
  • Rio
  • Moscow
  • Alps
Asphalt Cities

The fireworks of the London at night, snow-capped mountains, blue beaches of Miami, cherry blossoms of Tokyo mesmerize the players. However, to me, grand Palace of Moscow and clock tower of London are the most attractive.

Listed Cars in the fleet

You need to be more concerned to select a car than selecting a driver. You have holds to drive the car, those visuals drivers are just to represent you. While the cars with features like; highest speed, acceleration, damaged level, braking controls, ranking level, etc, all decide the fate of the upcoming race.

All the available cars have been divided into 7 groups. These groups range from the mini cars to super cars such as Bugatti and Ferrari. If you are with good driving skill, you can beat even super cars with the best approach.

Game Modes

As we have discussed in the introduction that the game has 2 modes; career mode and multiplayer mode.

  1. Career Mode

Some of the game enthusiasts want to show-off their skill to their friends. They want to build their own fleet, badges, win coins and money, trophies, and token. All this greed lead them to go for career mode. In career mode, the developer has added more than 15 tournaments where you need to win.

The performance of each tournaments wins coins, tokens and rewards. Moreover, your car fleet and garage also would have new cars. All this comes with money earned during the tournaments. In app purchase can be easily done using this money.

2. Multiplayer Mode

Do you have a social circle and social tie with the friends who have high desire for playing with race machines? If yes, then this mode is for you. Invite your friends and ask them to fight with you on the race track.

However, this mode requires you to be online, otherwise, you can play it offline as well. I personally love this mode as here, I can challenge my friends and bet them to win the race. This is the beauty of Asphalt series.

3. Quick Race

This is another very interesting mode. Here the gameplay offers to choose any of the listed car and run a quick race. Here the opponents are Bots and you need to beat them. However, this mode is less famous as it brings low rewards. Quick race mode is also known as “fast play”.

Exciting Tournaments

You can play any of the mode in the tournaments. After the race, the automated system will upgrade your score and you can see the progress of yourself and your friends. Along with these stats, you will enjoy higher prizes in the tournament rather than any of the race format.

Moreover, you can use these prizes and money to your fellows to show off or you can use these as a currency to buy and unlock new vehicles. However, as the other participants of the race are also pro, so you need to show exceptional performance.

Upgrade your Vehicles

If you are still outdated, you will be out of the race of life. The same is true for a car race in 7th Season of Asphalt Series. There are new features and exciting elements being added to the game every day. You need to use those properly. This will enhance your visuals and you will win the race in tournaments and other formats.

What improvements and upgrades are in-demand? Look!! What you want to make your car? A monster!! A beast!! A gigantic super car!! Yes, you can do all these customization in this game. Add more to the acceleration, nitro, efficiency, beauty, and handling of the car.

Find Shortcuts to win

Right on the racing track in front of you, you may see an opponent going astray. Going off road is actually go to a shortcut. This shortcut may lead to your destination earlier. If you are able to find that, you will win for sure.

Always take advantage of the off-rad races and try to find the shortcuts. For now, if ever you see an opponent going off road, follow him, you will find another shortcut. I’m sure, you will not quit this option anymore.

How to Play?

Following image slider shows, how you can play the game. All the images are in order to show you screen display of the gameplay.

  • After launching the game, you will see screen to select race type and the city track. Make selection
  • Select the car based on the features, controls and high speed.
  • The race will start. Apply nitro to make your opponents surperise.
  • Be careful, you negligence may result in “Wreckage”.
  • At the finish post, you will get the position, at which you finished.
  • The last screen shows the rewards and coins you have earned through this race.

Interesting Features

This is the beauty of the game that you will see interesting and interactive features all in this one game. Here is the list of the features those make it stand out from all other racing games.

HD Graphics

The game come with realistic 3-D, HD graphics. These graphics and visuals make the game look like the real racing game. The game is one of the best car racing with HD-Graphic cars and backgrounds. All the features are realistic.

The real city roads and graphics make it realistic and you can enjoy the familiar road of your city in London, Paris, New York, Hawaii, Tokyo, LA, and Sydney. Shinny roads and buildings will mesmerize you always while you are there behind the wheels.

Day/Night Racing Mode

In the setting at the start of the game, you can select the outlooks and the visuals. If you are fond of lights and darkness all around, you can go for night driving mode. If you want to see the beauty of the cities and scenic beauty of all the surroundings, you must select day mode of racing.

The game is all about the visuals. You can enjoy 5 different weather conditions all in one game. These 5 weather are;

  • Snowy
  • Rainy
  • Desert
  • Island
  • Futuristic (you can customize it)

Diverse Landscape

As this is a controlled racing game, you will be just controlling the car with your control system. Still you can enjoy the scenic beauty and landscape of the city. This is why you must be more careful in selecting city for race before starting.

Tilt or Touch control

In this racing game, you can select either tilt or touch control system. In my opinion, touch control is far better as it is not as sensitive as the tilt and you can drive smoothly.

The controls of the game are smooth. Each game mode have variety of tracks. Moreover, you will be as smooth in your drive as a professional after some time. Be familiar to the tracks and hurdles and win the races.

For better view, you can switch camera view. The camera can show you the front view or the view from the back. All this depends upon your preference. You can switch to internal and external camera view. To me, the view angle from the exterior is far better for good control.

Updated and Advanced Licensed Cars

The game is featured with more than 40 updated, upgraded, advanced and high speed machines. All these machines are from the world known manufacturers like Lamborghini, Aston, Ferrari, McLaren, Martin, BMW, Audi, Maserati, and DeLorean

The game offers tons of customization. You can fully customize your car to make it beautiful and ever good looking. Moreover, you can paint it, change its rims, sound system, spoilers, and add wings, Along with this, you can also make mechanical changes in the cars.

Challenging Races and Tracks

You will be encouraged to run a race when you got a challenge. Isn’t it? Yes off course, it is so. There are almost 140 different challenges those you need to accomplish in order to win the game

The game arose a sense of challenge and competition at each stage. The game has a range of racing tracks from a very easy to the hardest level. There are 19 such tracks those attract speed race lovers from around the globe.

Challenge your Friends

This is an online game where you can build your social circle. Like-minded people connect with you and you can challenge them on the track. Ask them “See you on the track” and prove your racing skills. You can connect them by synchronizing your game with Facebook.

Mod Features

Although the game offers stunning features those will help you to enjoy the gameplay, however, there are certain limitations. To beat those restrictions, we have brought to you modded version of the game. This mod version of the game is with following modded features to enhance your gameplay experience.

How to Download and Install Asphalt 7 for Android?

The downloading process of the game is quite simple and easy. You need to keep in mid the following step while download this game.

  • First of all, uninstall any of the old version of the game if you have any in your device. For this, press and hold, a pop up menu will appear with an option to uninstall, click it and you are all done.
  • Then go to the settings and then security of the android phone. There, you need to allow unknown devices. You need to do this if the download and install option isn’t working at your end.
  • Come to and find the Asphalt 7 series from the header menu.
  • Click it and go to the download button. Click it to download .apk file.
  • Wait for the complete download process.
  • Go to the file manager after the completion of download process and then click the .apk file from the file manager of your android device.
  • Follow the instructions to start installation process.
  • After the completion, you are all done, an icon will appear on the home screen and there you can click to start playing this game.
Download Asphalt 7 for Android

How to Download and Install Asphalt 7 for PC?

It is pretty easy to download and install game on PC. You only required a trusted emulator for this. There are many emulators like; Bluestack and NOX player. Here, we are presenting a method using Bluestack Emulator.

  • Download and install Emulator (Bluestack) on your PC. This emulator will help you to use and play android apps on the PC/Windows.
  • When you have it, come to our web page and download it.
  • The downloaded file will be in .apk format. You need to open this file by importing in the emulator.
  • Now, your PC will act as an android device and you can enjoy game on the bigger screen.

Final Words

Asphalt 7: Heat is the 7th installation version of Asphalt games. It is best for android users. You can download it from the google play store. However, the mod version of the game is available on our webpage. The features those attract all the users are HD graphics, long range of available cars, interesting game mods, unlimited money and tokes and no wreckage. Moreover, multiplayer game attract the social users and the competition starts which is the spirit of the game.


Although there are millions of games on Google Play Store, however, modded version of apps and games are not available of the store. There are certain rules set by the google. The modded and premium version don’t qualify for the rules and thus are not on the play store.

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