Asphalt Nitro VS Asphalt 9: Legends

Are you ready to ignite engines, fast your seat belts and be behind the wheels for a thrilling journey? If you are, then what you would choose between Asphalt Nitro vs Asphalt 9 by Gameloft? I can understand that you would definitely love to see and compare these both before going for any one. Here, I am providing a comparison of Asphalt 9 vs Asphalt Nitro to make it easy for you.

Racing games with nitro for a speed push, have always remain a thrilling and adrenaline-pumping genre in video games. Players love to experience excitement of high-speed driving in virtual races. With advancements in technology, racing games now come with stunning visuals, realistic physics, and a wide variety of updated cars and beautiful tracks. In this comparison between Asphalt Nitro and Asphalt 9: Legends we will explore and analyze their key features, gameplay, graphics, and features of cars, mechanics, and overall reviews of the players.

Comparison Table Asphalt Nitro VS Asphalt 9

FeatureAsphalt NitroAsphalt 9: Legends
Storage309 MBs2.74 GBs
Racing ClubsNoYes
Challenging CopsNoYes
Flat SpinsNoYes
Real World LocationsNoYes

Asphalt 9: Legends

Following are the distinguishing Features of Asphalt 9

Legendary Cars

Race on the tracks with legendary cars. Even these cars are manufactured by world-renowned companies, you can customize these cars. Upgrade their speed stats, spare parts, colours, break applicability. Add more and more carbon parts and this will add thrills to your upcoming races. Unlock all cars in Asphalt 9 and enjoy racing world.

Asphalt 9 - asphaltnitroapks

Breathtaking Racing Tracks

Do you know, you have freedom to choose from more than 180 racing tracks? Among these, almost 13 are from the real world locations where you can enjoy the scenic beauty of developed cities. Download highly compressed obb file of asphalt 9 legends and make these locations look more beautiful with vivid graphics.

Solo and Multiplayer Gameplay

The game is challenging as it allows you to play in multiplayer mode only when you have become a pro. Build your solo racing careers to unlock multiplayer option. Join the club of your friends after playing 900 solo games. Build your circle with 8 close friends and enjoy limitless and high speed game of asphalt 9.

Asphalt 9 -

Join Racing Club

You can join cooperate racing club. This will help you to build a competition spirit. Run a race with your club members. Moreover, you can make your own racing club and racing team. By doing so, you can challenge other fellows.

Asphalt Nitro

Asphalt Nitro, the ultimate racing game has following features;

Lite Version of Asphalt Series

Asphalt Nitro apk is a basic and lite version of Asphalt series. Some people name it as a lite version of Asphalt 9: Legends and Asphalt 8: Airborn. Asphalt nitro is less in size, just 45 MBs and is supported by multiple devices with basic graphics. Yes, 45 MB is much less size and thus graphics and visuals are much poorer as compared to Asphalt 9.

Asphalt Nitro APK

Anyhow, the game looks fine, fun with multiple car selection option and racing tracks. Its multiplayer option and animations attract users. If you are with less advanced mobile device and basic graphic accessories, the among Asphalt Nitro vs Asphalt 9: legends, choose the Nitro Version.

Negative Aspects

The negative part of the Asphalt nitro is its restrictions to play full unlocked races. A lot of cars are locked and racing tracks too need to build a racing career before getting unlock. However, you can buy cars and unlock the racing tracks buy using virtual money or buy coins and tokens buy paying real money.

No flat Spin

In Asphalt 8 and Asphalt 9, you can enjoy flat spin. In flat spin, car may roll forward or spin and then land on the ground facing in the forward direction. However, this is not the case with Asphalt nitro.

No Cop

Your skill will get higher level every time you will test it. This is the reason of challenges and restriction in the smooth game play. In Asphalt Nitro, there is no cop to chase and follow you.

Asphalt Nitro -


Come and compare Asphalt Nitro vs Asphalt 9: Legends. Asphalt 9 offer distinct racing experiences as it has legendary cars, customizable upgrades, and over 180 stunning racing tracks, including real-world locations. Its solo and multiplayer gameplay, along with the option to join racing clubs, add fun in the game. However, Asphalt Nitro, a lite version of the Asphalt series, caters to less advanced devices. Despite its smaller size and basic graphics, it provides enjoyable gameplay, car selection options, and appealing animations. However, it has drawbacks like locked cars and tracks requiring racing career or virtual and real money purchases. It lacks features like flat spins and cop chases found in Asphalt 8 and Asphalt 9.

Choosing between the two depends on device capabilities and preferences. For visually stunning races, customization, and competitive multiplayer, Asphalt 9: Legends is ideal. Asphalt Nitro suits those with basic devices, offering multiplayer and animated gameplay. Consider these factors, along with desired features to make your choice. Prepare for a stunning journey with high-speed thrills on virtual tracks

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