How to Add and Invite Friends in Asphalt 8? 7 Easy Steps

Playing the Asphalt 8 racing game with friends and Ghost will be fun and challenging. However, everyone wants to show off his skills, and multiplayer gameplay mode is the best option. This article will inform you how to add and invite friends in Asphalt 8: Airborne. 

How do I Invite and Add Friends?

In online mode, you can enjoy the multiplayer mode option in the game. You need to connect to the internet and have social connections with those interested in playing and challenging you. Here, we will list the steps to invite and add friends to play multiplayer game mode.

How do I Invite and Add Friends?
  1. Click the yellow play button on the home screen in the bottom right corner.
  2. On the next screen, there will be a list of game modes like single player, World Series, events, and Quick Race; tap on the Quick Race.
  3. The gameplay will ask whether you will create a room or our friend has created one, and you want to join. You can create and then invite your friend to join the room or the room your friend has created and invited you to.
  4. Now, you must select the game modes, like Classic, Series, Race Tracks, Maps, etc. 
  5. After selecting the mode, you must select your car from the game showroom.
  6. After selecting mode and car, click “Create a room,” and you are all done.
  7. Ask your friend to join the room and play Asphalt 8 with your friends.

How can I send a Challenge to my friend?

When creating a room, you can invite your friend and challenge him to a race. In the ROOM screen, select “Add Ghost to Race” from the bottom on the left side. Tap it, and it will invite your online friends automatically. Gameloft has developed this car racing game for race lovers.

This will be quite challenging to prove yourself. Moreover, winning these challenges will bring you to the next higher rank and level in the game. Play it with your friends and club or room members on social media.


Play with friends, go shopping, and enjoy all the races and tournaments that are available only online. However, if you want to run a few races and tracks, you can play it in offline mode.

For smooth gameplay, you need a compatible gamepad and Windows operating system. All this must be ensured before launching the game. It supports controllers, and you can easily enjoy it from a distance lying on your bed.

Multiplayer game mode and shopping are only available in the online mode and need a strong wifi connection. Play online for more interesting modes.

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