How to do Perfect Nitro in Asphalt 9: Legends?

Asphalt Perfect Nitro |-What does it means?

Nitro is a feature in the Asphalt Series that distinguish it from all other racing games. This is to boost your speed, surpass your opponent, lead to the winning post and win prizes and rewards. Nitro feature is the beauty of Asphalt Games since 2004.

There are different nitro depending upon their colour and functions. Yellow nitro, perfect nitro, orange nitro, orange nitro, and purple nitro are the different types of nitro in Asphalt 9: Legends apk.

Gameloft has always tried to provide all the available resources to the users at its earliest. In this guide about Asphalt 9 Legends, we will cover;

  1. What are the types of Nitro?
  2. How to do Nitro?

If you want to know more about the nitro, keep reading this article.

Types of Nitro in Asphalt Series

Following are the 4 types of nitro (speed booster).

1. What is Yellow Nitro?

This is the first, level 1, and small booster for acceleration. It comes out as a yellow smoke thus named as yellow nitro. It helps you to overtake your opponent. Moreover, use it on gentle curve always. It can last for 1 second.

Note: Use Yellow Nitro only on straight roads. Never use it on grasses, lawns, sidewalks, off-road or at the curves.

Yellow Nitro - Asphalt 9

2. What is Perfect Nitro? How to do Perfect Nitro?

This will accelerate your speed for 5 seconds and thus named as perfect nitro. It is blue in colour it is perfect as it can accelerate speed machines at difficult terrains as well. This feature was included in Asphalt 8: Airborne and was equally functional.

How to do Perfect Nitro (Blue) in Asphalt 9?
To activate Perfect Nitro, hit the nitro button. The nitro bar will go up to the blue line, hit nitro button again. This will triggered the perfect nitro in Asphalt Games.

Perfect Nitro Asphalt 9: Legends

3. What is Orange Nitro?

This is the level 2 booster and thus is effecting in boosting the speed of the car on road and in the mid-air as well. It is also known as imperfect booster. Better to use it on sharp turns.

How to Activate and use Orange Nitro?
Imperfect Nitro can be activated at the edges and just before hitting the air. It will boos speed in mid-air. Activate it by tapping the nitro button twice.

Orange Nitro - Asphalt Series

4. What is Purple Nitro?

You may say this nitro as the best nitro available in the nitro series. It is the part of Asphalt games since the Asphalt 6 and Asphalt 7: Heat. With purple cloud, it is the shockwave to hit the maximum speed in your car.

Note: Shockwave Nitro help you to get maximum speed so save it use after respawning, on straight roads, after crashing, or after turns.

How to activate and perform Purple Nitro (Nitro Shockwave)?
Keep looking at the nitro bar, when the nitro bar is full, tap the nitro button twice and you are got to go.

Purple Nitro - ShockWave


Yellow nitro is the Level 1 nitro. You can use it on the gentle curves as it is the slowest speed nitro.

Perfect nitro is the blue nitro with blue smoke on the road after application. Use this at your highest speed to give a boost

Orange nitro help you to get acceleration at the highest. It is recommended to use it at the corners or after the impact.

If you want to protect your car from KD, you much apply Purple nitro.

Yellow Nitro, the level 1 nitro is the weakest nitro of the game.

Showkwave nitro or Purple Nitro is the strongest nitro.

The best car with the highest nitro efficiency is Dodge Challenger 392. It gives highest acceleration.

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