How to get Nitro in Asphalt 9

How to Get Nitro in Asphalt 9? 3 Possible Ways | 5 Plus Tips

Nitro, the speed booster is a perk in the Asphalt series and especially in the Asphalt 8: Reborn and Asphalt 9: Legends. Using the nitro at the perfect time matter its performance. However, you need a full nitro bar to show full potential. Here, we’ll show you how you can get 100% full nitro bar in the Asphalt Games.

How to Get Nitro in Asphalt 9: Legends?

Nitro are the Speed Cells. You must have those in your gameplay. If you want to learn how to get nitro in Asphalt Series, this article has listed all the possible ways. Here are preferably 3 ways to get nitro.

1. Barrel Rolls

Right in the mid-air, you can perform 360 degree turns rotating your car in a circle and moving ahead. However, for performing this barrel roll, you need 2 conditions to full fill.

  • You need to be at the highest speed. This will help you to perform barrel roll for more than 7-10 seconds. This will not only show your skill, but also help to dominate your opponents on the road. Moreover, this roll will help you to recharge your nitro bar.
  • Ramp Elevation is necessary to give you a height and hit the air. Double tap the drift button and get speed and elevation for 360 degree rotation in the air.

2. Drifting

At the sharp corners ahead on the road, you can perform drifting, rolling your car with screaming sounds of tyres. It would be an amazing way to see the drifting car with smoke all around. This looks perfect at night. So, I would recommend you to use it to its maximum at night.

However, there are certain conditions for getting Nitro barrel filled with drifting. Do a longer drifting to get more and more nitro. More the time spent on drifting, higher with be the recharge of nitro.

3. Nitro Cans

The developer, Gameloft has developed gameplay with nitro cans scattered on the tracks. You can hit those nitro cans to get your nitro cells recharged.

Note: As the game is a high speed car race with supercars on the track, keep a close eye on the track to get to these cans.

Tips to Use Nitro and get Victory

In the 9th installation of the Asphalt Series, you can get to the victory using following 4 tips.

  1. On-Screen Control Option
    There are 2 option for controls and racing, tilt screen, and touch control. Both are easy and perfect. However, you must select the one you are easy to go with and have perfection. This selection plays a big role in your win.
On Screen Controls | How to get Nitro in Asphalt 9
  1. Collect Nitro cans and Flags
    There are nitro cans, scattered on the track, get those to recharge your nitro bars. Moreover, each win in the game will bring you to the next level with flag credit. Every flage will wdd to your ranks
    10 Flags – Get access to different clubs
    15 Flags – Win special prizes and take part in limited time races. These races require upgraded and latest cars.
    20 Flags – Get access to multiplayer mode. Play game with your online friends.
  1. Mastery in Nitro Usage
    Get the loads of Nitro is not the success, the real success is the using these nitro bars at the perfect time. Use purple nitro after accident or impact, use blue at the straight road or yellow at the start.
  1. Replay Races to get cash and Tokens
    When you became familiar with the racing tracks, it become easy to win the race. You may know the track and its shortcut to cross your opponents. Replay all these races and you will get extra cash to buy perks and in-game features.
Follow Updates to get Nitro
  1. Regular Updates
    Asphalt 9: Legends is the 9th version and there are continuous updates in the game. Stick to the gameplay, learn more about the game and update regularly. This will enable latest features.

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