How to Get Tokens in Asphalt 8 – Top 6 Free Ways

Asphalt 8 is the 8th version of the racing game. Gameloft launched a series of racing games in November 2012 and then added new versions to it. Now, we are with the 8th version of the series. Here, you will learn how to get tokens in Asphalt 8 for free.

How to get Tokens in Asphalt 8?

You can earn tokens in multiple ways. Here, we are listing different ways to earn tokens;

  1. If you have a supercar with the highest speed, more than 400 km/h, your time, position, and win will bring a token for you at the end of the race. This is one of the fastest ways to win tokens.
  2. There are different championships in game mode, such as R&D and EDD. Participate in those championships and win tokens. Some game missions may earn up to 10-50 tokens or more.
  3. In the gameplay, short videos support you in playing at your best. After watching these ad videos, you will be credited 10 tokens to your account. Moreover, if you want a quick race, you can skip these videos by pressing “x” in the top left corner.
  4. You can build your career with a unique name, and if you are a regular player, Gameloft will add 5 credits daily to your account.
  5. Multiplayer mode will also get some tokens for you. The number of tokens depends upon your rank and position in the game.
  6. Moreover, there are some mastery rewards that all depend upon the rank and the skills you have. For example, if you have a Mercedes CLA 45, you can get 250 tokens. Similarly, the Mazda-5 RX8 can bring you a reward of 100 tokens.
How to get Tokens in Asphalt 8?

All these are challenging; you must be consistent and win rewards. Engage in the gameplay and upgrade your vehicles to get more tokens on Asphalt 8.  

How to apply and get cards?

Cards are the wild and random currency in the Asphalt Series. It is available in containers and pro kit boxes. Upgrade your cars to new levels and performance, and get these from the kits. 

How to get Fusion Coins?

One of the interesting game modes is “limited-time Race.” This mode brings to you fusion coins, a virtual currency. Moreover, tap on the “+” button from the shop to add these coins to your account.

What is the Rank?

The rank is the position or level of your career in the game. It will give you better handling and supercar controls. There are 15 ranks in the game.

How to Earn 5 Stars?

In joining the game, you will be rewarded with 3 basic stars. However, you can win more (4 stars and 5 stars) by completing tasks with the mission. See your tasks on the pre-race screen, and you need to complete these. Moreover, you can get 11 stars by going beyond this.

How do I get Blue tokens?

To get the perfect nitro bar filled, you need Blue tokens. To get these Blue Tokens, you need to win Championships and events and beat the Bosses.

How do you get credit fast and ultimately upgrade your car?

Go for the quick race from the top menu and complete it or challenge your friend in the club to get quick credits and coins. Use these to upgrade your cars.

How many cars are in Asphalt 8?

There are 320 cars in the 8th version, including the Lamborghini Aventador, McLaren, Bugatti, Ferrari 458 Italia, Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet, Ducati, Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, and Jaguar.


The Asphalt 8 racing game has more than 70 racing tracks, 350 cars, and famous real-world racing tracks. With tokens and cards, you can explore all these racing tracks in London, France, Japan, and Los Angeles. The gameplay also has different star ratings for the players to show their ranks. These stars are added to the player’s career with each win. Maintain your winning streak to get more stars.

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