Formula E GEN2 Goes live in Asphalt 8: Airborne

Formula One Race lovers, get ready to enjoy the Formula E GEN2 entry in Asphalt 8: Airborne. Fasten your seat belts and show your driving skills. However, this is unlocked and available in 3 time-limited events in Brazil, Germany, and China. Fortunately, the days have come.

Event Schedule for Formula E GEN2

GEN2 appears in the special edition of the race. As Asphalt 8 has more than 6 million active users, Formulae E entered it here following the events scheduled in three countries where most racers love to have it in their garages.

  • Brazil – 15-25 March
  • Germany: 7-20 May
  • China: 21 May-03 June
Formula E Gen2-Asphalt 8

These are the 3 events where you can drive your Formula Car on the Munich Subway in Germany and the Great Wall Track in China. However, the developer may add more events to include the racing tracks of Shanghai and Berlin as well.

Gameloft Launching Formula E

Sanjay Shivaram, the director at Gameloft, announced the launch of the new addition to Asphalt 8: Reborn. “The launch is an addition to the thrilling games of the Asphalt series,” he said. You must try it with wheel-to-wheel racing with your friends online.

Moreover, there are some additions to the racing tracks and avenues for race fans. The addition and the addition to Asphalt Nitro will enhance your racing game experience. The whole team is delighted to announce it and happy to see you enjoying it.

Formula E Gen2-Asphalt 8

Formula E for Mobile and PC

The game is available on PC and mobile; you can play the limited version on both devices. Try to complete the challenges and apply boosters to reach the finish line first. After winning the events, you can unlock the Formula E GEN2 car, which will be yours permanently.

In 2013, Asphalt 8 was released, with more than ten editions. All the editions were designed to make the user feel more excited, which is why the game has 500,000 daily active users. Although it has its successor in the form of Asphalt 9, it is the most famous.

Try this three times in different cities and win titles. Once you win, you will be able to play it forever. Don’t miss a chance.

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