How to get Clash Coins, Currency, and Token in Asphalt 9: Legends?

Every game has some perks, extra accessories, and plugs. Moreover, some games also have in-app purchase options. All these extra features and add-ons can be accessed by using currencies. Similarly, the 9th version of the Asphalt series also has clash coins, vouchers, tokens, and other different currencies.

Clash Coins in Asphalt 9: Legends

Currencies in Asphalt 9: Legends

Mainly, there are 5 types;

1. Main Currency

This main currency is further divided into 3 types

  • Credits – This is one of the basic currency. The player can use this to upgrade their cars (colours, parts, lights, alloy rims, etc.).
  • Vouchers – If you are short of virtual money and want some add-ons, you can get vouchers with the real money. This option is available in Asphalt 9 – China version.
  • Tokens – This currency is for diverse uses including; purchasing blueprints, credits, skipping time laps, and much more.

2. Clash Coins and Currencies

  • Clash Coins – Gameloft has added a new addition in the form of Clash Shop. This shop contains clash coins. These coins will be helpful in playing clash mode of the game. you can also get Clash Coins from app store.
  • Clash Tokens – in the clash version of the game, you can access clash club through clash tokens. Win any round and add to your calsh token account.
Currencies in Asphalt 9: Legends

3. Special Event Currency

As the name shows, this currency may help you in the need of time during special events. Again, it is subdivided into following 3 sub-categories.

  • Keys – the main function of this key is to unlock cars. Some special cars need this key to get unlocked except SSC Tuatara.
  • Coins – In case you need some upgradation during the event, Syndicate Coins may help you. Moreover, you can purchase blueprints as well.
  • Hazards – True to their name, these are used in case of emergencies. These are similar to Event Tickets.

4. Indicators

These are called level indicators. These help you to level you up in the tournaments. It is further categorized into 3 types as;

  • Garage level Indicators – These indicators show the number of cars you own. The more cars you own, the higher will be your garage level indicator.
  • Legend Pass – you will get some points as a reward to your progress in the game. Use these to move ahead in the game and pass different levels easily.
  • Series Coins – In the series mode of the game, play different series and win to get series coins as reward. They also adds to your reputation in the game as a pro player.

5. Others

There are some other types of coins and currency those are used in the game of Asphalt 9: Legends.

  • Tickets – Tickets are the entry pass for any tournament or series. You can use this currency to enter another mode of the game. If you have 1 ticker, you can recharge your entry for 10 minutes.
  • Trade coins – It is one of the best currency you will ever love. As the name shows, this is used to trade and import different types of parts, blue prints, and accessories.


In Asphalt 9: Legends, currencies are the keys to unlock and upgrade vehicles. The Main Currency comes in three forms—Credits for car upgrades, Vouchers for quick boosts, and Tokens for endless possibilities. Clash Currencies, Clash Coins, and Clash Tokens elevate the excitement. Special Event Currency aids you in crucial moments with Keys, Syndicate Coins, and Hazards. Indicators light your path to success. Others like Tickets and Trade Coins add a twist. So, in this high-octane adventure, remember, these currencies are more than riches; they’re your tickets to victory.


These are also known as red coins. You can get Trade coins when you have a car with 3 stars, unlocked and available for you. Try hard to get to this stage and enjoy trade coins. Play game and earn coins, exchange them to get more and more stars.

On July 25th, 2022. Asphalt series launched a new addition to the ever green game, i.e. Clash Shop. This addition brought features like green track, clash shop, and 7 new cars. You can get clash coins from this clash shop. Exchange your hard-earned coins to get clash coins.

Clah tokens and clash credits serve as new currencies in Asphalt 9. Win a race in solo or multiplayer mode, get into a race with your other club members and win tokens and credit.

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