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Gameloft has updated Asphalt Nitro New Updates. Let’s find, what’s new here that can amaze you. We have collected that data from different media to present you with the best information. Keep reading this informative article about the recent updates in Asphalt Nitro Game. After the updates, Asphalt Nitro Latest Version V1.7.8a is available for the speed lovers.

Asphalt Nitro New Updates

Following are the new and funny updates in the Asphalt Nitro Game Series

1. Air Time and Flat Spins

Your high-speed machine can now remain in the air for an extended time. To beat your opponent and cross them by gliding in the air, you can now keep your car spinning in the air for up to 2.5 to 3.5 seconds. During this time, you can spin your car. The higher the number of spins, the farther you can go in the air. In recent updates, you can spin your car up to 7-10 times easily in the air.

2. Highest Speed – 566 km/h

The feature that will attract you the most in Asphalt Nitro New Updates is its high speed. The speed limit of the cars has been upgraded. On the clear road, you can go up to 566 km per hour. Here your skill will decide how can you handle this high-speed machine with your control senses.

High Speed - Asphalt Nitro New Updates

3. Opposite Moving Cars/Fun

Even on a fast-moving track, where you are in a race with your opponent chasing for the winning post, you may see some cars coming from the opposite direction. This could be a funny moment for you in the Asphalt Nitro New Updates. But you have to be safe from those cars. This is included in the latest updates in the Asphalt Nitro.

4. Dead Break Even on the Track

Even on the fast-moving track, you can apply dead breaks to stop your car at once. Moreover, you can stop your car at the high slide. You can see this in the image below where the speed of the car is 0 km/h and it is just above the slide. Download Asphalt Nitro and use this feature to show stunts to your friends.

New Updates in Asphalt Nitro

5. You can go out of the Track

At some points, you can fly your car in the air from the slides and go outside of the race track. It can help you to see the other cars on the track and how they are facing wreckage from the resistances.

Recent updates in

6. Flat Spin Problem Fixed

The flat spin problem has been fixed in the latest updates. After these recent updates, the car will not stop and land after spinning in the wrong direction. Previously, in the old versions, cars were usually stopped in the opposite direction and the speed got slow up to “zero”. However, now, this issue has been fixed and you can go on at almost the same speed. This update is since version V1.7.4.

However, a bit of low speed has been observed in the flat spin. We hope that the issue would be resolved soon in the new updates.


1.5 spin = 1 spin in Asphalt Nitro

1.5 spin – 2 spins in Asphalt 8

7. In-app Purchase Prices

With other modification in the gameplay, racing track, speed, and visuals, the prices of the in-app purchase has been changed in the recent updates. The prices of these articles have been increasing by up to 10%. Fuel refills have some changes in the prices as well.

Reward prices are the same, however, the conversion rates have been changed. The exchange rate has been changed from 15 to 13.64 €/USD.

8. Ad Video Rewards

In the Asphalt nitro new updates, you can’t claim ad video rewards. This was not in the 2021 updates. However, you can earn a lot of money from other sources such as racing track awards, air time awards, flat spin awards, etc. Moreover, the conversion rate has also limited the excessive rewards.

9. All Bugs Fixed

Nothing is perfect in this world. However, if there’s any bug or glitch, it should be improved. This is a sign that there is room for improvement. In Asphalt Nitro new updates, all the bugs fixed.


Asphalt Nitro is a high speed game. There are still some issues to be fixed. Asphalt Nitro New Updates has tried to fix it in early 2023. The average speed of the cars has touched up to 566 km per hour and you can now show more stunts. keep playing and mention if there’s any other issue. Gameloft would love to respond to all the issues.

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